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We should respect our parents and We should believe in God. Here is my website www.aloksir.com. We hope that you will enjoy the information given on our website.


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Welcome to aloksir blog. Blog about Movie Review, Amazing Personality, Health Issues, Education, Product Review and Motivational Speech.

Alok Kumar Srivastava. The Founder of Aloksir started his career in Blogging and after deciding started a YouTube Channel Named “aalok srivastava” and decided to share his ideas with the world. He selected blogging as a career. He started writing articles on various topics on website.

About Blog

Aloksir is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Movie, personalities, Health, Education, Products and Motivational Speech. I started this blog 21 Jan 2018 to share my knowledge. I love this blog. In fact, I also want to help people to grow their thinking and solve their problems.

               About me:

My name is Alok Kumar Srivastava a professional blogger and You Tuber. After completion of my studies I moved to Delhi for fulfill my dreams. But fortunately, I started working in teaching field. I am very innocent and diligent guy. I am very ambitious about my work. I hated doing job under a boss. I want to be my own boss, so I started following my passion and have started a blog. I always wanted to see the people somehow in their daily day- to- day life in solving their problems, now with the help of this website I can do that.

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