Alia Bhatt@ A Formidable Star


                               Alia Bhatt@ A Formidable Star


By Alok Srivastava


Alia Bhatt On Nepotism: if I was on the other side, I would be Heartbroken


I saw many interviews of celebrities who just avoided talking about nepotism, they were not ready to talk openly about this sensational issues. BUT one actor who has great dare to say anything  about this matter, and guys it is Alia Bhatt who has shared her thinking and she has no fear that she can be affected, if she says something about this sensational issues. She accepts the reality, she accepts the truth that there is nepotism in film industry. Nepotism exists, she says. She is really a brave girl. Whatever her heart says, she does. It is a great gesture, isn’t it ?. She feels , those who don’t get a chance, it is very painful for  them. She says that I would be heartbroken, if I face tough situation for getting film. She would have been extremely felt bad, if she is from non- filmy background because it is bitter truth that without any approach or without any link, no one can get chance easily. According to her, it doesn’t matter, if someone belongs to filmy background because at last, talent speaks only. But yes, he or she can get chance easily, you just need to be at the right place at the right time. It means that she strongly feels in destiny.

Ranbir Kapoor clicks girlfriend Alia Bhatt’s candid photo.Internet is already calling him the best boyfriend

By the way, there is no doubt that pairing of Ranbir and Alia as a couple  are so beautiful. Ranbir behaves like a boyfriend for Alia, he is caring Alia so much right now. Both are shooting for their romantic Brahmastra in Bulgarian and Ayan Mukherji is directing this movie. It is rumored that Alia and Ranbir are dating with each other.

Ranbir Kapoor turns photographer for Alia Bhatt her closest friend; see Pic

We feel that Ranbir and Alia are liking each other as now a days, they have been making headlines for their romance. You know, they have been spotted together on many places in the last few months, their recent photo has gone viral on social media. Mr.Mahesh Bhatt commented on this rumored relationship, he said that it’s their life, their space and we should respect them. Well it is believed on sources that they are truly in love.

‘RK’ in Alia Bhatt’s instagram Post identified as Ranbir Kapoor

You know, actress Alia Bhatt posted great picture of herself with a friend in which we can see image of RK, speculation begins that it is Ranbir Kapoor and we see her caption of a photo “ The view and her too”. Now, people starts believing that they are dating in Bulgaria. You know, biggest thing is that neither Ranbir and Alia confirmed and nor denied this relationship…GREAT..


Mahesh Bhatt on Alia’s career choices: She is a formidable star, won’t mess it up by advising her

According to Mr. Mahesh Bhatt, Alia doesn’t need to take advise, she is a natural star. She has achieved almost everything in her field. The way she chooses her roles in a film, has always left him surprised. She has no doubt what to do or how to do, she is very confident girl. Alia has done it on her own. So I am not going to give her advise on anything.  She is very clear that only your actions will decide what the future will be.

  • My observations

Undoubtedly, Alia has proven herself in perfomences in Highway, Udta Punjab and Razi. What I feel about Alia is that she has created a new path for her perspective of career and she has set a new path for her life also, if I am not wrong. See, I think she has learnt a lot from her parents and her elder sister (Puja Bhatt) also. And somewhere, she feels that they took wrong decision in their life. I would like to share one interesting thing with you people that not only me but also many people feel that Alia understands the Indian culture she knows what people like. She is modern but the way she dresses up, she represents Indian culture, the way she chooses the film, she represents the Indian culture. The way she thinks, she represents the Indian culture. Guys, this is Alia Bhatt. And you know, the way I think about Alia, the way I have observed her, I am sure those who have the same feeling as I have, they would start loving her.