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By Alok Srivastava


Guys, Law of Attraction

We can get whatever we want, we can achieve success, we can fulfill our dreams, we can get happiness but for that there is one condition that is power of thoughts. We should believe in it. We can say that power of thoughts is related to law of attraction. Suppose, we want car but we don’t have money, we want to be famous personality but we are so confused what to do or how to do. So, what should we do? It’s very simple. Ask your heart, what it is saying and Just set a goal and start thinking about it that how to execute it, how to achieve it. Then at last, you will have an answer what to do and how to do. Dear friends, this is a power of thoughts. Power of thoughts can bring happiness in our life. Power of thoughts can do miracle in your life. It comes from law of attraction. For example, If you want to become an actor, you start seeing dream with it. Every moment, you think about it, then you execute your task, after that you will have great success, this comes from power of thoughts. In this world, you can achieve anything in your life, if you believe in power of thoughts.

What is subconscious MIND?

Friends, we can consider subconscious Mind as Permanent Memory. I mean things which are stored permanently. Suppose, if we are expert in any skills like driving, languages, counting, cricketing, and making buildings, these are part of subconscious Mind. Because these skills are permanently stored in subconscious Mind.


Guys, Subconscious Mind Power

Mostly, subconscious mind works in night. It is time for before going bed. Your mind gets more relaxed, when you are going to bed, in that time, subconscious mind has great power. So what is the benefit of subconscious mind, why I am talking about this? Guys, it is a magic that you can achieve anything in your life, if you start thinking in a positive way. It mostly works in night, I mean before going to sleep. Remember, no negative thinking before going to sleep. Just you should say I am happy, I am lucky, my next day would be great, I am going to enjoy tomorrow. Just practice these things before sleeping for 5 to 10 minutes, you can see miracle. In a few days, you start loving yourself; you would be able to see your target, your vision would be cleared what to do and how to do. It is a power of subconscious mind. Just give instruction to subconscious mind that I have to achieve this thing, I have to become singer, doctor, engineer, I have to become successful business man, I mean that just feed all things which you want to subconscious mind, next day you would feel determination to your task, your style to your work would be changed, your approach to your work would be changed, you would feel that I can do anything in my life, no one can stop me. It all comes from SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Guys, How To Control Your Mind

Friends, we often listen that we should control our mind, everything will be fine. But how? This is the biggest question in front of us. Here are few steps to control our mind.

  1. First of all, we should observe things which are going on our mind.
  2. Suppose, someone has misbehaved to you, then you start thinking about all things, this is absolutely wrong; you don’t have to do that. So what to do? Guys, just observe all things which happened to you and cut off your thoughts from your mind and try to observe that why did it happen to me? Why someone insulted me. I am sure you will have an answer to handle your problems.
  3. Stop wrong imagination about anything,
  4. Stop assumption about anything because these things are unhealthy for you.
  5. Just try that your mind should not be able to control to you but also you should try to control your mind and you have to learn these things. Just try to cut off yourself from your mind, whenever bad things are going on your mind and observe these things. Then you will be able to handle all kind of problems in your life. This will be great technique for you, if you want to get rid of bad habits also. Whether it is bad habit of alcohol or bad habit of smoking, you can get rid of it. You can also overcome other bad habits also. JUST APPLY.
  6. For controlling your Mind, You have to engage your Mind.

Guys, How to Increase Memory power and Intelligence


  1. Keep calm down your mind for that, just do Yoga and meditation
  2. Stop worrying about anything
  3. No bad thoughts should be in your mind
  4. Avoid over-thinking

Generally, we say that many talks and other things are running like reel of picture on our mind. This is absolutely bad for our mind. This is unhealthy for our mind. So handle all things with logically, whenever we are going through this major problem. As I said cut off yourself from your mind and observe all things and all thoughts. Just you have to do this for 10 days and you can see the results of your intelligence, you would feel better in comparison to earlier days that your intelligence power has been increased. You are able to sort out things in a better way now.

  1. As far as memory power is concerned that use your imagination power, if you want to learn something. Suppose, you are preparing for exams and you have to learn long sentences or any topic and you are feeling that you are reading many times but you are not able to learn. At that time you get tensed. So what to do in that case, it’s very simple. With the help of imagination power, just create a picture of that sentences or that topic on your mind, whatever you want to learn, just feel about that matter, whatever you want to learn. You will notice about yourself that you are feeling better now, you are more confident now. You would feel that you could compete any exams now. You can feel your increasing memory now. I am sure; this technique will give you happiness. Apart from this
  2. You should do Day To Works (Eating Food, Comb your Hair, Brush your Teeth) by opposite hands, I mean if you are doing by Right hands, then you should try to do by left hand, if you do by left hand, then try by Right hand.
  3. You should do Much More Reading like Story Books, News Paper.
  4. You should do some works by close eyes. Like try to find out where is your pen, where is your Mobile, where is your Wrist Watch so on.
  5. For improving your Mind, You should pronounce “word of OM”. Keep chanting whenever you are free. Just for 10 minutes.
  6. Playing Chess
  7. Meet New People every day. Listen their thoughts; You can learn new things by this. You can feel new experiences.
  1. Guys, Improve Mind Power Exercise


Friends, here I am going to tell you few exercises where you can improve your mind.

  • Solve puzzle
  • Involve yourself in logical games, you can find these games in your mobile.
  • Learn new languages
  • Become more talkative
  • Join group discussion
  • Recall memorable day and share with your friends
  • Involve yourself in writing skills
  1. Meditation
  2. Visualization (Create a picture on your Mind)

You can memories things better, if you can imagine it.

Guys, Remember What You Read


Generally, people say that they forget what they read, they say that they don’t have sharp mind in comparison to other, so they are failure in their life but friends this is not true. We all have sharp mind actually. But we don’t know how to use it. Here, I am giving some tips.

  1. Make it attractive what you read.

Suppose, you are reading something, just highlight those sentences with yellow marker by which it looks more attractive, it works magically.

  1. Just understand what you read

Suppose, you are reading something, then take pause few minutes and think what did you read and relate those matter with daily life incidents.

  1. Try to make picture with imagination power on your mind
  2. And of course Group discussion plays the most important role.

Guys, for Subconscious Mind, Do it every day, when you wake up in the Morning.

Hello friends, just tell your mind

  1. I am the best
  2. I am healthy
  3. I have super power
  4. I am the luckiest person in this world

Guys, every day we are getting Rs.86, 400 without doing any hard work. You are surprised, aren’t you? You know how? See,

one day has 86,400 seconds.

It means 1 day = 24 hours

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 minute = 60 seconds

If we calculate this 24×60×60 = 86,400 seconds

So Guys, time is so precious for us. Sometimes it is more valuable than money. But why I said, we are receiving Rs 86, 400 every day because today, TIME IS MONEY. You can earn money, if you have enough time.

How To Use 100 Percent of Your Brain Power

  1. Start Meditation
  • Just sit on chair and try your feet to be 90 degree
  • Close your eyes and try to focus all attention on your fore head.
  • And try to centralize your energy on fore head
  • And say “OM”
  • You have to try that you become thoughtless
  • Spend 20 minutes for meditation
  • JUST 30 Days for this Mental exercise

After 30 days, You Will Have a Great Result


Guys, You Can Fulfill Your Dreams In Just 68 Seconds


Guys, you are surprised, aren’t you? How it is possible to fulfill your dreams? See, first of all we can divide 68 seconds into 4 parts. Each part has 17 seconds. Each part can be considered as one stage, which means we have 4 stages to fulfill our dreams.

  1. Just concentrate for 17 seconds, whatever you have dreams.
  2. Think about your dreams in next 17 seconds
  3. How to take action and make a plan in next 17 seconds.
  4. With full determination, make promise with yourself in next 17 seconds that WE HAVE TO DO.

Guys just go and Drink Water for Boost You Mind


This has been proved by scientist that water is more beneficial for mind. Drink Water, whenever you feel. Mostly people avoid drinking water. May be, they don’t know the importance of drinking water OR may be they have work load. Capacity of your mind can be increased, if you drink water properly.

  1. Guys, just programmed your MIND

Guys, we often listen that our mind is like a COMPUTER that is true. We can get output, whatever we do input. We are aware of programming languages like Java, C++. Yes my dear friends, we can also program our MIND.

  1. Mind is just like a SERVENT

It does whatever we give instructions. If you say that you are sick so you are sick, if you say, you are poor so you are poor, if you say, you can’t do anything so you can’t. But if you keep saying constantly that I AM THE BEST, I CAN DO ANYTHING, my dear friends YOU CAN.

  1. You should drive your MIND nor You should be driven by your MIND

Guys we should learn how to control our mind, we should learn how to drive our mind. Mind is like a Robot, Computer, and Servant whatever you understand. Whatever you order to your mind, your mind should follow. If you want to be an I.A.S officer, you can, If you want to be successful business man, you can. IT DEPENDS ON YOU friends.

  1. Shift your instructions from your conscious Mind to Subconscious Mind

It comes by repetition. When you keep saying constantly that I am the BEST, this thing is shifted to subconscious Mind. Then by default, you start getting positive Response. See, If we are expert in cricket, it is reflection of subconscious MIND, if we are expert in languages, it is result of subconscious Mind, if we are great in communication skills, it is because of subconscious MIND. As we know that all things come by practice. And practice means, Things are in subconscious MIND.

Subconscious Mind Power Healing Techniques


Friends, we can create Healthy Life by the power of Subconscious Mind. You can heal any disease by subconscious Mind whether it is normal Fever or dangerous Cancer. See, you will get positive Results, if you have positive thoughts. You should have Powerful Belief System for fighting any disease. You should say every day that I am getting healthier and healthier and feeling better and better. You will get drastic Response by Subconscious Mind.

  1. Herbs to Boost Your Brain
  • You should eat Almonds every morning
  • You should eat Apple every morning
  • You should eat pepper with Sugar
  • Take 1 glass milk every day
  • Green vegetables (it slower Mental deterioration)
  • Walnut (it can improve Mental Alertness)
  • Turmeric (it can improve brain’s oxygen)
  • Salmon (it also helps to keep brain running smoothly)
  • Rosemary (it helps to protect your brain from neurodegeneration )
  • Olive Oil (it improves learning and Memory)
  • Dark Chocolate (it improves Blood flow to both Brain and Heart)
  • Coconut Oil (it can help with memory loss as you Age and destroy bad Bacteria)
  • Broccoli ()
  • Blueberries
  • Beet

21 Days of Subconscious Mind Programming to Fulfill Every Dream


In fact, habit of anything is a reflection of subconscious Mind. It is supposed that we should give 21 days for making habit. I mean that we have to program subconscious mind for learning anything. For that we have to give just 21 days. So once subconscious mind is programmed, we can fulfill our dreams. It is an amazing, isn’t it? It all comes by practice. So please apply and you will have a wonderful Result.

How to Improve Presence of MIND

  1. Focus on your task, whatever you do on present moment
  2. Give priority your task, whatever you want to do.
  3. You should be emotionless in professionalism.
  4. Just concentrate on single task
  5. If you are watching movie, you should watch movie. If you are reading any book, then you should read book.
  6. Suppose any question you have to answer in just 30 seconds, you don’t think about anything at that moment.
  7. Live in present moment.

How to Read MIND


If you want to be successful in your life, you should be able to read someone’s mind. Suppose you are working in a office and some people are working in happy mood and some are in bad mood. Why does it happen? Those who are in happy mood, their coordination with Boss is awesome, their bonding with Boss is excellent  because they are able to understand their Boss but those who are in bad mood, they are often scolded by their Boss. They are not able to finish their work on time. I would say about such people that they are able to understand their Boss. So my question is how to read mind? For that,

  1. Observe someone’s activity (he or she is working fast or slow. In both cases, you should say that sir or ma’am, can I help you? Then he or she would think about your generosity that you are gentle person. In very few days, you would feel better in your work place)
  2. Observe someone’s face expression
  3. Any relationship can be stronger, if you spend your more time with someone. Because you would be able to get what person wants to.
  4. You should have more concentration, if you are meeting someone.
  5. Attract someone with communication skills
  6. You should try to mould someone according to yourself.
  7. You should try to make comfortable that person.
  8. Try to talk with him or her according to him or her.
  9. Listen carefully what he or she says.
  10. Have patience for doing this work.

Most Amazing Facts about Human Brain

  1. Brain is just 2% of whole body but it takes 20% blood and oxygen of whole body.
  2. Our Brain increases till 40 years.
  3. Our Brain has 60% fat
  4. Those children learn two languages before 5 years, they have different mind shape.
  5. In one day we are receiving 70 thousand thoughts.
  6. We have unlimited memory power
  7. Brain works 14% more, if we drink 1 glass of water
  8. Brain doesn’t feel any pain.
  9. Brain has 100 trillion neurons.
  10. Mind has the highest speed.

Guys, 10 Tips to Relax your MIND

  1. Take green TEA
  2. Chew gum
  3. Massage
  4. Stretching
  5. Take dark Chocolate
  6. Meditation
  7. Take sun shine
  8. Take juice
  9. Walking
  10. Listening to music

                                           “The Amazing Power Of Mind- We can do anything”

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