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  By  Alok Srivastava    


Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Today, everyone who loves TV serials, I would like to share one thing that Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat hai is the best TV serial for ever.It is a great show. I am sure you people would agree with me that it is a totally different from all other shows. And yes,here I am talking about Ashi Singh. She is a great actor.

Amazing Girl Ashi Singh

I  think TV industry is so lucky to get a great actor. Her acting is so natural. Her cuteness is amazing, lovely and mind blowing. As we know that she became an overnight sensation from ‘ Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat hai.’ Not only teenagers but also mature people love her so much. I have to say one interesting thing about Ashi that she told in her interview that she is not as jhalli as Naina but I totally disagree with her.

She Represents pure Indian vaules

As I strongly feel that she is so sweet, so cute, so innocent a simple girl. You people are thinking why I am saying so, the reason behind this is that her whole personality says something else actually. Whether it is in reel life or in real life, she is completely different from all TV and film industry’s actresses. She is having a pure Indian culture, pure Indian values. I am not very special person who is having a great observation, I challenge you people that please come forward and watch ‘ Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ and I am sure you would leave all other shows and start watching this great show.

She understands that she is a girl

When I saw all episodes of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai, all videos about her, I found that she just show herself that she is modern but that’s not true she just herself relates to modern era so that no one can say, Ashi is backward. She would follow latest fashion, you would find her in parties but that doesn’t indicate she is modern. She understands her values  which comes from her mother, she understands that she is a girl.

Ashi carries Indian culture

She knows how to represent herself, and this is her beauty. I strongly feel about her that the way she talks, the way she thinks, the way she represents herself, all these merits are related to 90’s era but  she is very smart you know, she doesn’t show herself, always try to maintain herself from today’s era, and this is not wrong because this is a real value, this is our Indian culture, I mean Ashi carries Indian culture, she doesn’t cross her line when the way she dress up. Just observe her dressing sense, you would find she chooses very smartly.And this is her greatness.

she is a foodie

Ashi doesn’t conscious about her food, about her diet. I mean she is a foodie. She loves eating rice, And she hates working out you know. And you would start laughing when you heard one interesting thing about her you know what… she hates cooking. She loves eating only.Haa haa haa…

Ashi has taken place in the hearts of all Indian people

Ashi can’t take any risks about her hair as she loves a lot. Ashi is well organized person you know how….i am just telling one interesting fact that she likes her cupboard to be clean. Ashi has taken a place in the hearts of all Indian people with her brilliant performance and she starts listening to music and prefer traveling whenever she takes break from her shoots.

She is a family oriented person

She is a family oriented person and is very close to her family, specially, for her mother. She can’t even imagine her life without her mother. That is her great gesture. So please don’t miss a single episode of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai where she recognized for her role as Naina Agarwal in the Sony TV series. Her personality captures the heart of youth, today everyone loves her so much.

People are liking Romance between Sameer and Naina

Well I am very greatful to this show YEH UN DINON KI BAAT HAI which has given all the reasons to fall in love. The biggest thing is that this show has cute innocent love story. And because of this show everyone is in love now. People are liking romance between Sameer and Naina. They themselves relates to this story. They feel that this is their story in school days. Sameer and Naina are in collage now, everyone is liking their chemistry.

Ashi is enjoying her character Naina

Ashi said in her interview once, she has always been a good student and always ready to learn new things. And this is the truth as it reflects from her personality. Well Ashi Singh is very serious about her acting career and enjoying her shooting, she says that there is never a boring day on the sets. You know, Naina’s character has changed Ashi’s views, she strongly believes in love and relationships now. She says further that love is pure and undefined emotion, it is all about understanding each other also and she respects it.