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‘Why Cheat India’ Emraan hashmi: want to change the names, not the system


Emraan Hashmi’s film ‘ Why Cheat India’ will hit the theatre on 18th January. Mr. Hashmi feels that people are not interested changing the system, they are only interested changing the names. It is just ridiculous that people don’t see any logic, they are ready to accept our country’s system, even if it is wrong. They just should have seen my film first. Now I request to people of India that time has come to change our mindset. We need to take a lot of responsibility. I strongly believe that our audience’s sensibility has been increased. Let’s decide them.

Shah Rukh Khan Says: His Failures Motivate Him


Shah Rukh Khan sets a example for us. He is trying to motivate himself now a days. He is sharing so his experiences to us. From Last few years, His movies fail to create the magic numbers expected from it. He said, it happened even few years back when ‘ Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Asoka, Dil Se and Swades failed on Box Office. I have always returned with bang. He was talking about Failures in a interview, if all the challenges and Negative had not happened in his life, he would never have achieved what he has today. He cherishes the time when he was a nobody. He says further that he deflated when these films did not work, but not defeated. Well, much buzz about his next film is Don 3 with Farhan Akhtar. Wish You All The Best Shah Rukh …Love You.

Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan On Karan Johar’s Chat Show.

By Alok Srivastava

Undoubtedly, Most decent family of film Industry is Bachchan’s family. Mr. Karan johar invited Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan on his most popular Show ‘ Koffee With Karan’ . Both shared their experience on this show and Mr. Karan johar’s Question was so real. And both Abhishek and Shweta answered all Questions frankly and without any Hesitation.Well..On chat Show, Shweta said that Abhishek is favourite of mother Jaya Bachchan. Mom’s eyes light up when AB junior walks in to the Room. And Abhishek said the same thing for Big B, no one and nothing matters, if Shweta di is around. And another interesting question was that Karan asked Abhishek How do you feel when you are not main lead of your film. Abhishek replied yes, it hurts me. And of course, he is not being treated well by co-actors. He says further that no matters your father is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, You have to earn respect by your work.

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