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We should not forget the role of old people in our life. here we will learn how to Care of Elderly Patient.We can get more relaxed, if we are helping Old People. it is our moral duty to give respect elder people. Today we have many sources to get to know about Elderly Care and Senior Care.

Elderly home care #home care #elderly care # home care services # senior care # home health care



Just for one minute hold your breath, what will happen, it’s very simple you will feel uncomfortable, you will feel that you are going to die. Just tell me, am I right? Yes, I am right, either you say yes or not, because no one wants to die. Perhaps, I understood now what is life, Perhaps, I understood that what zindagi is.

Life means or you can say Zindagi means JUST KEEP FIT YOURSELF.

Here, I am going to talk about OLD AGE PEOPLE. As possible as, we should good take care of them. We should respect their breath, we should talk to them, we should spend more time with them. We should try not feeling them alone.

See, the way mother shows her passiveness for her son or daughter, the same way, you should take care of your parents.

Tips for caring of Aging Parents

  1. Remember, when you are young, your parents take care of you like a child and you become parent when your parents become old.
  2. Avoid uneven flooring and Improper lighting.
  3. You have to understand that your parents should have physical activity and they need good nutritional support.
  4. You should take care of your parents health time to
  5. You should give them attention and communicate properly.
  6. You should involve them in your social activity.
  7. You should spend time at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner and talking about interesting things.

5 Old Age Yoga In Weakness, Stress And Depression

  1. Speak Up ‘OM’ 51 times Everyday

You will feel relax, if you do this and there is no bound that you have to do in one sitting, you can do it for whole day.

  1. You have to laugh 51 times Everyday

Don’t worry, it is not necessary that you should have reason for laughing. You can even act of laughing, just you have to laugh, that’s it.

  1. You Have To Do Clapping 51 Times Everyday

Just for fun, you have to clap and of course, there should not be any reason for that. Remember, in every exercise, you have to enjoy.

  1. You Have To Breath In And Breath out 51 times

Yes, You have to take breath in deeply and then breath out. Trust me, you will feel more relax. To start this exercise, it is mandatory that you have to sit on Chair or Sofa set or on Floor also.

  1. You Have to Try for Walking Just 51 steps.

Generally, we see that old age people have stopped walking. I can say that if I am not wrong, they have stopped all physical activity, this is not good for their health.

Celebrate Old Age

Here are some tips

  • Neither speak up nor think that you are getting old, don’t give such kind of message to your brain.
  • Try new outfits everyday and get ready for yourself.
  • Feel your life like festival and do meditation and yoga every day.
  • You should go for walk every evening. Make many friends and organize party.
  • Try to involve yourself in young generation you would feel drastic changes in your personality.
  • Start listening to music and try to become more talkative.
  • Become helper for everyone, show them your importance and realize them that you are very important personality for them.
  1. They can’t move on in life properly without old generation, tell them.
  • You should become most wanted for everyone, you should become sweeter to everyone, you should share your experiences with everyone.
  1. Work on your hobbies. Do whatever you want to do. Chase your dreams and try to fulfill it.
  1. Just become a needy person for everyone so that no one can even imagine leaving you.
  1. Just sing, if you want to sing, just dance, if you want to dance. But don’t forget your stature. You have to respect it. Why I am saying this because we all are human being and we can make mistake.
  1. And we are experienced person so we should set example to young generation.
  1. As we know that time has changed now. New and advanced technology is around us and we are in internet world so we should try to move on with time.
  1. Perhaps, it is secret of happiness for all generation.
  1. Make sure maintain your Bank account and Money yourself so that you may feel more relax.
  1. Don’t depend on anybody. Don’t lose your hope and courage because world forget looser. So never ignore yourself. GOD BLESSES YOU.

Diet for Old Age Person


  1.                                                     Oats Cheela
  2.                                                          Poha
  3.                                                        Vegetable Upma
  4.                                                          Veg Sandwich
  5.                                                     Besan Cheela
  6.                                                     Oats Kheer
  7.                                                         Vegetable Daliya
  8.                                                            Sooji Idli


  1.                                      Vegetable Khichdi
  2.                                    Vegetable Roti


  1.                                          Daliya
  2.                                      Vegetable Oats
  3.                                          Oats Roti
  4.                                        paneer