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Greetings B/w Two Persons


RAJ:                Hi,  Rahul  How is it going?

RAHUL:        Fine,  thanks —- and  you?

RAJ:            Just fine.  Where are you off to?

RAHUL:     To the  Airport.  I am leaving for London

RAJ:          Oh, no. Well,  I will  see you  later then. Good Luck!

RAHUL:       Thanks.  See you later.

RAJ:                                              Good morning,  Rahul,  How are you doing?

RAHUL:                                      Good morning,  Raj,  I am doing well.  And you?

I am great, thank you.  This is my friend Reena.  She is thinking about applying to this college. She has a few questions. Would you mind telling her about the process, please?    

RAHUL:  Hello,  Reena,  It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am more than happy 
                  you to speak with you. Please come with me.

REENA:         It’s a pleasure to meet you,  Rahul , Thank you so much for helping me.   

RAHUL :     Oh no, you are welcome.  Hpoefully, I will be able to answer your questions.                                                                                                                                                                 

    Introductions B/W Two Persons   

RAJ:         Rahul,  I would like to meet you Mr. Sunil   

RAHUL:        It’s nice to meet you,  Mr. Sunil.

SUNIL:         Pleasure to meet you,  too.       

RAJ:           Sunil  is a writer.  He just finished writing a book on Relationship

RAHUL:  Oh? That’s my field, too. I am writing a book on New Generation

SUNIL :   focus on Youth,  by any chance?           

RAHUL:  Yes.  How did you guess?     

SUNIL:  I  have read your books.  They  are  Excellent.        

RAJ:       Who is a beautiful girl next to Pawan?

RAHUL:  That’s his friend  Naina.  Didn’t you meet her at Sunil’s Party?

RAJ:       No,  I wasn’t at Sunil’s Party.

RAHUL:  Oh!  Then let me introduce you to her now.  Naina,  this is my friend Raj.

NAINA:  Hi,  Raj.  Nice to meet you.

RAJ:   You, too.  Would you like a drink?

NAINA:  Sure,  let’s go get one.                   

                    Time Asking   

RAJ:    What time is it?   we are going to be late!                 

RAHUL:  It is 7:30 pm.  We are on time.  Don’t panic!

RAJ:   But I thought we had to be late at the restaurant by 8:00 pm. for the birthday party. We will never make it there with all this evening traffic.

RAHUL:    Sure we will.  Rush hour is almost over. Anyway, the party starts at 8:30 pm. But I do need help with directions. Can you call Sunil and ask him where we have to reach?   

    A Telephone Conversations 

RAJ:   Hi,  Rahul, It’s Raj.  How are you?     

RAHUL:  Oh, Hi,  RAj!  I was just thinking about you.

RAJ:  That’s nice. Would you like to go to a movie tonight?

RAHUL:  Sure, I would love to! 

RAJ:   I was thinking about Deewar. What do you think?

RAHUL:   Sounds great!

RAJ:  OK, I will pick you up around 8:30. The movie starts at 9 pm.

RAHUL:   See you then. Bye!         


        Sorry,  Can you repeat that 

RAJ:  Hi,  Naina,  How are things at the Home?, everything is normal?

NAINA:  Hi,  Raj,  everything is normal. And How are you?,  Can you please stop and pick up extra disposal glasses and plates for the party?

RAJ:  What did you say?  Can you say that again, please?  Did you say to pick up  disposal spoons for the party?  Sorry,  The phone is cutting out.

NAINA:  Can you hear me now?  No,  I need more disposal glasses. Listen, I will text you exactly what I need. Thanks, Raj.  Talk to you later.

RAJ:  Thanks, Naina.  Sorry,  My phone has really bad reception here.  Bye!   

             Long Time No See! 

RAJ:            Hello  there,  Naina!    long time no see! 

NAINA:     Raj!  Hi,  What a coincidence!  I haven’t seen you for long time!  What are you doing here?

RAJ:     I have a business deal in the city,  So I am shopping here.  Hey!  What do you think of this Sun Glass?

NAINA: Well….You know. How much I love this Sun Glass,  See?  I have got the same Sun Glass.

RAJ:   You always did have good taste!  What a small world.  See  You then..Bye!. Good night!             

                   Freezing Outside

RAJ:   It’s freezing outside!  What happened to the weather?  I thought this cold will kill us.

RAHUL:  Yeah,  I thought so too.  That’s what I saw on TV.

RAJ:  I guess the wind chill will really decrease the temperature.

RAHUL:  Can we go inside?  I feel like my toes are starting to go numb.

            How To Order a Meal

WAITER:     Hello sir, Can I  start you off with something to drink?

RAJ:  Yes. I will have cold coffee, please.

NAINA:  And I will have some Samosa.

WAITER:  Ok.  Are you ready to order, or do you need  a few minutes?

RAJ:  I think we are ready. I will have the Chilly Soup to start, and the breaad pakaaure with chholey.

WAITER:  How do you want Coffee  cold or hot?

RAJ:  Cold Coffee, Please.

NAINA:   And  I will just have  Rava Dosa with Sambhar.

               Doctor’s consult

DOCTOR:   What seems to be the problem?

RAJ:   Well, I have a bad  cough and  a sore throat.

DOCTOR:   How long have you been suffering from?

RAJ:   About three days now. And I m really tired, too.

DOCTOR:  It sounds like you have got the flue. Take this medicine every three hours and get plenty of rest.  Make sure you drink lots of water.  Call me If you are not feeling good next week.

RAJ:     OK.. Thanks.

            To Get to Know Directions

RAJ:   Excuse me.  Could you tell me where the Central Market is?

NAINA:  Yes.  It’s that way.  You go straight then turn right.  You will be in market yourself.

RAJ:  Thanks!  I have been only in this city a few days.  So I really don’t know my way around yet.

NAINA:  Oh,  I know how You feel.  We have been three years now but still don’t know where everything is?

We Are At The Supermarket

RAJ: Hey, Naina…..You are here for your dress….Look those Outfits. How Beautiful it is! Why don’t you choose one?

NAINA: Oh..Yeah, That’s a great Idea! It is so beautiful. Let’s pick up.

RAJ: I need Sun Glass and Wrist Watch. What do you think?

NAINA: Cool….You must buy it . Don’t think too much.

RAJ: Great!…Let’s meet at the Coffee house.

NAINA: OK. See you there.

Two Friends

RAJ: Hi. Rahul, How can I help you?

RAHUL: Well, I am in this city visiting for a few days, and I need to get somethings done while I am here.

RAJ: Sure, What do you need?

RAHUL: I need to get my hair cut. I also need to have my new Bike.

RAJ: OK. There is a good hair Salon here which is in this colony. And there is Central Market where You can have a new Bike. Is there anything else?

RAHUL: Yes. I will need to have my car serviced.

RAJ: No problem. There is a service Center which is nearby.

Catching Up Friends

RAJ: Hey! Naina, How did your Maths exams go?

NAINA: Not bad, thanks. I am just glad It’s over! How about you…How did your Interview go?

RAJ: Oh, It went really well. Thanks for helping me with it!

NAINA: No Problem. So….. Do you feel like studying tomorrow for our Interview?

RAJ: Yeah, Sure, Come over around 10:30 after breakfast.

NAINA: All right. I will bring my books and Audio CD.

Shopping At The Mall

RAJ: Hi, Naina, Can I help you?

NAINA: Yes, I am looking for a T-shirt for my brother— in a size medium.

RAJ: Let’s see….here is a nice blue one. What do you think?

NAINA: I think I would rather have it in white.

RAJ: OK. here is white, in a medium. Would you like to try it on?

NAINA: No. It is for my brother. But yes, I love it. I think It fits perfectly for him. Well, We should know How much is it?

RAJ: Naina, price tag says it is Rs. 2500.

NAINA: Perfect! I will take it.

Take A Taxi Or Auto To The Mall

RAJ: Should We take a Taxi or Auto to the mall?

NAINA: Let’s take a Auto. It is impossible to get a Taxi during Rush hour.

RAJ: Nice. You are really clear what you want to do

NAINA: Thanks. There is a Auto now. We will have to catch it.

RAJ: Oh, no! I forgot my Purse.

NAINA: No Problem. Let’s go.

Naina’s Surprise Birthday Party

RAJ: I am really excited for Naina’s Surprise birthday party this evening! Aren’t you?

RAHUL: Yeah! How old is she?

RAJ: She will be 21 on December 29th

RAHUL: Wow! I didn;t know her Age. She is looking so cute. Anyway, Naina is going to be so surprised to see us all here!

RAJ: Absolutely, But we still have to get cake and flowers set up before she gets here….OK! We all ready now.,,,She is here


At The Movies

RAJ: We would like four tickets for 7 pm. show, please.

TICKET WINDOW: Here you go. Enjoy the movie!

RAJ: Oh, Seat numbers are different. Can you moving over one so that my friends and I can sit together?

TICKET WINDOW: No, I am sorry. Shows are houseful.

RAJ: No problem. Thanks.

What Should We Do?

RAJ: Naina, What should we do?

NAINA: Hmm..OK… Tell me first, what are you good at?

RAJ: I would like to writing. I am really good at writing. What do you think?

NAINA: Well….How about playing a video game? That would be more fun.

RAJ: Wow! That’s great. I am really good at this, too!

NAINA: Oh, Yeah? We will see about that!

Nice Movie

RAJ: What a fantastic movie! Thank you for inviting me to this movie.

NAINA: You are welcome. I am happy you enjoyed this movie. Everyone has done a great job. Everyone’s acting was incredible. It reminds me of Amitabh Bachchan’s starer movie Deewar.

RAJ: I know! You have a great observation skills. So, I am agree with you. It’s really a great movie.

NAINA: Oh, That’s very kind of you, Raj. I will always be a fan of this show. That’s why I would like to join film Industry.

RAJ: Absolutely! I am glad You want to be part of Film Industry. Thank you for the Invitation. It’s always a pleasure to attend this show with you. and learn something new.