How To Lose Belly Fat : Without Gym JUST READ TODAY and NOW by Alok Srivastava

Lifting weights and getting enough sleep are beneficial for losing belly fats.. And Green Tea is for weight loss and Reducing Belly Fat.

How To Lose Belly Fat : Without Gym JUST READ TODAY and NOW  by  Alok Srivastava

By Alok Srivastava

Belly fat is seriously harmful. This is responsible for Diabetes and Heart disease. By the way, losing fat from this area is not that easy. it can be difficult but we can do several things to reduce abdominal fat. For that we should give more importance to healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle are the key to losing Belly Fat.

We should eat Fiber Foods

Fiber foods help you feel full. It may also decrease the number of calories which is in your body absorbs from foods. So You should stay away from products which is harmful for your health.

We should prefer high protein diet which decreases appetite. It helps for making strong our metabolic system.

So Just Make sure, you have to keep milk , Paneer or beans in your lunch and dinner everyday.

We should stay away s sugar related foods as it is the most dangerous for us. Sugar can lead to belly fat gain.

We should avoid drinking alcohol

It is supposed that Alcohol can have health issues. It is responsible for increasing belly fat.

We should try to reduce our stress levels

Stress is the most dangerous and harmful for our health. It can also make you gain belly fat. Mostly women are more affected than men. So engage yourself in happy environment that relieve stress.

We should also give proper attention doing Yoga and Meditation.

We should do Aerobic exercise

Aerobic Exercise is very effective exercise for burning calories. And of course, for reducing belly fat also. This is also responsible for improving health.

We should lift weights

Lifting weights is beneficial for losing belly fats. It is more effective in combination with aerobic exercise.

We should get enough sleep

We should get sufficient sleep at least 7 hours per night. Needless to say that Getting enough sleep can reduce belly fat. And It is also beneficial for weight loss.

We should prefer Juice

We should prefer some juice, If we want to plan reducing belly. We should prefer Carrot Juice, Karela Juice, Amla Juice, Watermelon Juice Cucumber Juice and Pomegranate Juice.

Carrot Juice 

Carrot Juice is having low calories and full of fiber which is responsible for weight loss and losing belly fat.

Cucumber Juice

It has low calories and high water due to which it keeps you full for longer. Since, Cucumber has high fiber and water hence it is the main reason for losing belly fat.

Karela Juice

Karela helps in losing weight and reducing belly fat also. Due to bitter gourd, this is the best for reducing belly fat.

Amla Juice

Amla works for digestive system. We should drink Amla juice on an empty stomach. And of course, it is a great reason for losing belly fat.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate helps you burn fat and boost your metabolism. It works for your skin also.

We should prefer Green Tea

Green Tea contains caffeine and antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) both are beneficial for weight loss and Reducing Belly Fat.

Green tea is responsible for boosting your metabolism and improve your body’s efficiency.

Green tea should be used for drinking 2 to 3 cups per day.

Green tea is responsible for preventing heart disease and cancer.

Here are some Belly Fat Burning Foods

Beans    We should take beans in our Meal, If we think about losing Belly Fat. It contains carbs and Protein both due to which we can feel full of hours.

Peppers  Hot Peppers such as chili peppers help decreasing Belly fat.

Eggs   As per source, eating healthy proteins will help you lose belly fat. And of course Eggs are one of them. you start eating less, You would lose belly fat faster.

Nuts and Seeds   Nuts and Seeds increase your metabolism. It will keep you full. The healthy protein can help you lose weight also. Good Examples: Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews and chia Seeds.

Berries   Berries are packed full of fiber and Vitamin C. It is metabolism Ingredient. Good Examples: Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries .

Leafy Greens   Leafy greens can increase boosting your metabolism and turn off your hunger receptors. Using Leafy Greens in your meal properly, you will eat less and lose more belly fat. Leafy Greens is perfect weight loss food as They have low calories and high in fiber.

Green Pepper    Green Peppers are versatile and healthy eating vegetables. You can include it in your daily diet plans. They have low in calories and rich in minerals and vitamins. It is responsible to boost metabolism which is beneficial for reducing Belly Fat.

Potatoes   Potatoes are having low calories and great amounts of Potassium which is beneficial for weight loss. Also It is having protein and fiber.

Onions   Onions are also having low in calories and great amounts of nutrients. it helps boost your metabolism.

Wonderful Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

Wonderful exercise has Crunches, Bicycle Exercise, Walking, Running, Jogging

Crunches     Crunches is the best Option to reduce Belly Fat.

How to Perform

  1. Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and feet on the ground OR You can lift your legs off the floor at the 90 degree angle.
  2. Lift your hands and place them behind your head.
  3. Inhale deeply and you lift your upper torso off the floor and you exhale.
  4. Inhale again, as you get back down and exhale as you come up.
  5. Do this for ten times in each set. and do three sets per day.

Bicycle Exercise

How to Perform

  1. Lie down on the floor or bed keep your hands behind your head
  2. You lift your both legs off the ground, bend them at the knees
  3. You bring your right knee close to your chest and your left leg should be away
  4. Now you take your Right leg away , you should bring your left leg close to your chest
  5. Do this ten times each day

Plank Exercise

How to Perform

  1. You should position yourself with your knees and elbows on the floor.
  2. Your neck and spine should be aligned and you should look forward.
  3. then support your legs on the toes and lift your knees up.
  4. You should hold your position for 30 seconds and keep breathing normally.

Diet Chart For Losing Belly Fat

Early Morning Time : 6 a.m.1 glass of warm water with lemon

Breakfast :Time : 8 a.m.Paratha Or Idlis or Brown Bread or Oats

Mid Morning :Time : 10 a.m.1 fruit

Lunch :Time : 1 p. m.Missi Rotis or Brown Rice + 1 Dal + 1 Mix veg

Mid Evening :Time : 4 p.m.Banana Shake or Mango Shake

Evening SnacksTime : 5 : 30 p.m.Green Tea or Ginger tea + Corn

Dinner :Time : 7 : 30 p.m.1 Roti + 1 Mixed veg + Salad

Post Dinner :Time : 9 : 30 p.m.1 glass warm Milk

How To Lose Belly Fat : Without Gym JUST READ TODAY and NOW  by  Alok Srivastava

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