How To Transfer Money: SBI to SBI | SBI to Other Bank

By Alok Srivatava

Transfer Money From SBI to SBI

  1. Type www.
  2. Go to Login
  3. Click on Continue to Login
  4. You will see your login page
  5. Click on Payment and Transfer Option
  6. You will see within SBI option then click on Account of others
  7. Add Beneficiary
  8. In your Beneficiary option, just fill ‘name’
  9. fill account number
  10. confirm account number
  11. fill transfer limit
  12. Click on Submit button
  13. then click on Approve Beneficiary button
  14. then select OPT Option on Mobile
  15. After Approval, Select Beneficiary Name
  16. After getting High Security Password from OTP, fill in the box then click on Approve button
  17. Bank will take 4 hours to approve Beneficiary Name
  18. After few minutes, you will see selected Beneficiary name
  19. then fill amount whatever you want
  20. click on Submit
  21. Click on ‘Verify’ button for confirmation

Transfer Money from SBI to Other Bank

  1. Type
  2. Go to Login
  3. Continue to Login
  4. You will see your Login Page
  5. Click on Payment and Transfer Option
  6. You will have two option (a) within SBI and (b) Outside SBI
  7. Go to Outside SBI and Click on Inter Bank Beneficiary
  8. You will see three groups (a) State Bank Group (b) RTGS (c) NEFT
  9. Select NEFT Option then you wll have all Beneficiary NAME
  10. Click here Inter bank Beneficiary, If you want to choose another Beneficiary Name
  11. You will get Beneficiary Page
  12. Then fill Name, Account Number, Confirm Account number, Your Address and Cash Limit
  13. fill IFS Code
  14. Click on Accept
  15. Then click on Submit Button
  16. Click On Approve Button
  17. Click on Approve Beneficiary
  18. Approve through OTP
  19. Fill High Security Password
  20. Click on Approve
  21. For Transfer Money, Select Beneficiary option
  22. Fill Amount whatever you want
  23. fill purpose option
  24. Click on Pay Now
  25. Select Accept option
  26. Click on Submit Option

Transfer Money From SBI ATM

  1. Swipe SBI Card
  2. Select ‘Transfer’ option
  3. Pease Enter your PIN
  4. Select ‘Account Based Transfer’ option
  5. Select Account Type of the person
  6. Enter Account Number of the person and click on ‘ ‘correct’ Option
  7. please Re- enter Account Number of the Person and click on ‘correct’ Option
  8. Enter Amount to Transfer and click on ‘confirm’ option
  9. Select your Account Type ‘ savings ‘ Option
  10. You will see your transaction is being processed
  11. Click on confirm Option

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