Best Meditation Technique@ Meditation Process

      Best Meditation Technique@ Meditation Process

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                                                                 Top 5 Benefits


Meditation helps overcome depression, fear, stress and anxiety


Guys, your brain size can increase in three areas, if you do meditating for just 8 weeks. Just because of size increasing of a brain, our learning ability is increased, we get ability to retain information, we get ability to control how our mind wanders and we get ability to decrease fear, stress and anxiety. So it clears now. Meditation reduces bad emotions. Biggest thing is that it helps you to manage your stress in a  better way. It is reduced anxiety symptoms and of course we can get rid of depression due to proper meditation.

Meditation helps overcome bad habits. It increases will power which helps to stops doing bad things. Those who are alcoholics, meditation will helps to get rid of this. Those who are drugs addicted, meditation will help to get rid of this. Those who are involved in other bad activities, meditation will help to get rid of this.

Meditation helps increasing concentration and focus better


Due to meditation, our concentration level is increased, our focus level is better, which is very beneficial for studies or even anything. We perform better in each and every aspects. Generally, we say that we are losing memory, we are unable to memories few things, it’s all about our concentration and yes meditation plays great role increasing our concentration level.

Meditation helps decreasing blood pressure


Most of the people are facing the problem of high or low blood pressure. But you know, it can be reduced by meditation. Meditation also helps slow down the process of aging. We feel more active and young.

Meditation makes you happier


Meditation is increased our intelligence, self control and of course feelings of happiness. We start taking everything easy, we are able to handle odd situation easily and we don’t lose patience easily. We start enjoying our life. Meditation produces positive emotions. It depends on your practice on a daily basis. And eventually, you become stronger.

How to Meditate


First of all we should know how to meditate. Because most of the people don’t know, what is the right procedure of meditation, where we have to focus? So Guys, I am telling you that just , you have to focus on anything what you want.

  1. You can focus on your God, if you want to
  2. You can focus on your favorite place
  3. You can focus on your favorite dish(food)
  4. You can focus on your favorite game
  5. You can focus on your breath in and breath out.

You can sit down anywhere: on chair, on floor for meditation. You can meditate any time, there is no mandatory that we should do it in morning or in evening but yes there is more beneficial, if we do it in morning.

Just spend 20 minutes each and everyday


Guys, you have to spend 20 minutes just for one month, you will have great result, believe me. But this is also the truth that why you should believe me. For that whenever you have to start meditation, take a diary, think about yourself and write it from day one. Anything, just write it, You will notice that you have a lots of tension and negative thoughts but friends after one month, you will notice a drastic change in your personality, just read your whole diary, you will find that number of tension and  negative thoughts have been decreased. You are more relaxed in comparison to previous time.

Music is blessed for yoga and meditation


Just start listening to music for 30 minutes, Any music which you want, it can be sound of “OM” or “Om namah shivaya” or anything. This is a great therapy for our mind. We get positive energy vibration from this. Believe me.

Detachment from over- thinking


Guys, we see that most of the people are facing the problem of over- thinking. When we see such people, we find that they look weird, they look tired, it is just all about over- thinking. Meditation can help such people but problem is this that people are not getting seriously the importance of meditation still now. We just start assuming a story that people must be thinking like this, while this is not true. How can we get to know what people are thinking, it happens just because of over- thinking. Now question is this that how we can get rid of over- thinking, how we can detach ourselves from over- thinking. So I am telling you very simple method

  1. Start meditation, when you feel that you are in over- thinking
  2. Start listening to music, when you feel that you are in over- thinking.
  3. Start doing other things, when you feel, you are in over- thinking.
  4. Start laughing, when you feel, you are in over- thinking
  5. Start helping people, when you feel you are in over- thinking.
  6. Just sleep for few hours, when you feel you are in over- thinking.

See, meditation doesn’t mean only that just close your eyes and try to detach yourself from the real world. In fact, meditation means, whatever we do anything for relaxing our mind.

How does meditation change the size of brain ?


You know, physical and mental health can be improved by meditation. You would be surprised that scientist has observed the changes in brain structure from the benefits point of view. Just in 8 weeks of meditation, size of brain has been changed. Those who are involved in meditation for the last few months, their mind can be sharpened, scientist says. Changes of a brain structure are also responsible for great memory. Such people are happier in comparison to others. Such people’s attention level has been increased.

It also has been proved that just because of Meditation, bad portion of a brain (which is indication of bad mood, negative thoughts) has been shrunk and good portion of a brain (which is indication of good mood, positive energy) has been increased.

 Brain science behind Meditation


Now, even science accepts that health related problems have been improved by meditation. People can get rid of tension, stress and loneliness from doing regular meditation. Our mind’s growth will be developed very fast, if we do regular meditation and our memory level is also increased. We can see amazing changes in our personality, if we do regular meditation and we get positive energy also. For a experiment, scientist made a team of a few people, these people did regular meditation for 30 days. After a month, amazing changes have been noticed by scientist. According to them, these people who were facing many problems like diabetes, blood pressure, headache, feeling of loneliness, negative thoughts and of course over- thinking earlier, they are much better now. They are happier. They are able to handle odd situations very easily. Such people start laughing even in odd situation and they are able to sort out all kind of problems. YOU CAN BELIEVE ME.

                                    Meditation Process

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