New Inventions In Electronics@ new inventions gadgets 2019

 New Inventions In Electronics@ New Inventions Gadgets 2018




MINI LED PROJECTR is an amazing gadgets. Now a days, we watch movie on even smart phone. But you know, sometimes we feel that it is very difficult watching movie on phone, so we have Mini Led Projector now. It has micro USB Port, 3.5 mm audio Port and 12 volt power. For any format of video and movie,  we have to use micro SD card. Or USB Pen drive. And we  can enjoy movie in enlarge shape.

EVALIGHT is a great device. It works as a Air conditioner and it is Eco-Friendly also. It can work up to 6 hours, if you provide one time water supply. It observes water quickly and Its internal fan works fantastic. In internal side, It is cleaning dust also. It can work as any temperature.

GLOVEONE is a wire free gadget. You can use it freely. It has LED lightening, LIPO Battery, Adjustable cuff. Its performance is marvelous. Whatever you see on video screen in VR Set, you will be able to touch. And of course, you can feel also. Suppose, it is raining in a video scene, you would feel raindrops on your palm. This gadget is the best option for you, if you want to feel virtual object in real life.

3D DOODLER is the best option for you, if want to do 3D Painting. It is such a great pen. With the help of this, we can feel and touch in 3D form, whatever we portray. There is no need software for 3D drawing. we can draw anything by this pen, whatever we imagine.

LUCY 2.0 LANTERN is run by solar energy. For charging, you can place in direct sunlight. It becomes fully charge just in 7 hours. It provides super bright light till 24 hours. Just because of its light weight, it is very easy to carry and use.

LASER KEYBOARD can be used in computer and smart phone. Actually, this keyboard is not made of plastic or metal, it is just a reflection of keyboard on a wall or any desk. This device can be put anywhere. With the help of this, we can easily handle any phone or PC(personal computer). It can be connected by Bluetooth.

QCAM 4K 360CAM is used for sports event or travel purpose. Any view can be recorded by this easily. It can be rotated 360 degree easily. It can be connected by even smart phone. You know there is no need any wire or cable. It is just wireless. You can capture any video or photo by this. It is very advance technology.

FINGER POW is very smart power bank it is in light weight just 15 grams. It is very convenient to carry and use it. You can keep in your pocket also. Its pin is magnetic. So it is easily connected with your phone. Its charging speed is very fast. It is said that iPhone 8 can be charged in just 25 to 30 minutes. Here, Power bank comes with power station. Here 4 power bank can be charged together. Capacity of power bank is 600 MH. And power station is 5000 MH.

XIAOMI MITU DRONE is smart mini camera drone, it can be connected by phone it has 720 HD camera. This drone can be controlled by your phone easily. You can get HD quality photo and video.

WONDER CUBE is a wonderful device. It has micro USB port, splash proof protection, micro suction phone stand, card reader, key ring mini torch, emergency battery charger. With the help of this, you can transfer data also. You can stand your phone also. You will be able to charge your phone by wonder cube. It is an amazing, isn’t it ?

POLAROID ZIP MOBILE PRINTER is very interesting device. You can connect this through Bluetooth in your phone. You can take print out any photo of your mobile within 1 to 5 seconds. And quality of this picture is excellent. It comes in 4 color: Black, Blue, Red and White. This printer works in IOS and Android both.

CICRET BRACELET is an amazing gadgets. This bracelet has a projector. You can pair this with your smart phone. After this pairing, you can access your mobile screen on your hands. It is an excellent gadget, you can say this is a concept. You will be able to see all activities on your hand from this gadgets. You can access goggle maps, you can see any video. No need to your mobile phone out of the pocket, just you have to jerk your hand, you will be able to see mobile’s screen on your hand.


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