Film Industry@ New Angry Young Man As Mr. Ranbir Kapoor

Film Industry@ New Angry Young Man As  Mr. Ranbir Kapoor


By Alok Srivastava

Mr. Mahesh Bhatt’s comment

Wow, this is a great comment by Mr. Mahesh Bhatt on Ranbir Kapoor, he said Ranbir astounded him in Sanju after Amitabh Bachchan’s Deewar. It is fantastic, fabulous and an outstanding film. See, Ranbir is very talented actor, he has a great charm and he has proved himself in movie Sanju.

Ranbir Kapoor would get Super stardom oneday

So here, I am not talking about his movies because I know that his best has to come yet. And he would get super stardom one day. I can say freely now he is an original. Well now a days, he is the most searchable person in Google. It is rumoured that Ranbir and Alia are dating with each other. He behaves smartly, he knows how to handle people, he knows how to handle his fans. And he tries not giving any chance about talking to people about his affair. He knows it’s a matter that he has to resolve.

Someone asked about his Relationship Status

Recently, someone asked about his relationship status, he answer smartly,” I am not single. I’ll never be single,”. According to him, falling in love is the greatest thing in the world, when you fall in love, everything is great. Now a days, he is praising Alia Bhatt, he has been stunned from her work in movie Raazi, he is saying I am aspiring to for myself. The speculations begin, when he says something like that.

You would start liking him

It becomes nation news whatever he does. Just observe him, you would start liking him. And surprisingly, he was liked by everyone, while his movies are not doing well at the box office. Actually, the reason behind this is that tag of Kapoor’s family, it’s a big name. he has his own style. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he sees anything, I think he is the most loving personality. And he is in full confidence now. So everyone’s eyes is on him and he has become favourite of everyone now.

Ranbir family oriented person

Ranbir is very family oriented person, he is very closed to his mother. Recently, he celebrated Neetu Kapoor’s 60th birthday in Paris with his Dad Rishi Kapoor, Dadi Krishna Raj Kapoor and sister Ridhima’s family. Now a days Ranbir Kapoor is very obliged to Raj Kumar Hirani, he wants to work with him again. And he is cracking joke that how many films will Raju make with him. He got even response at once, Mr. Hirani said, (laughing) he would be doing five films with him. Generally, we see that Son behaves like his father, he tries to copy of everything of his father.

Ranbir behaves like a gentleman in public

But Ranbir is totally different from his father, he behaves like a gentleman in public plate form while his father Mr. Rishi Kapoor shows himself very aggressive by nature. He is very close to his mother, he cracks joke even in press conference, he shows himself very humble, he shows that he respects everyone, he shows that he can’t hurt anyone. I mean, he just tries to tell us by his behavior that he is opposite of his father, he doesn’t carry his father’s habit.

More aggressive than his father

But I strongly feel that whatever we see about Ranbir, whatever we understand about him, is not true. I think he is more aggressive than his father. He handles his aggression very smartly, I think he wants to show his aggression by his work and I can even say he wants to show his aggression by his success also. As far as I understand he was waiting for his turn. Now as he is enjoying his success of movie (Sanju), it means that his best time begins. And he is in full confidence now. At this time, he just wants to focus on his upcoming projects. And I am sure he doesn’t even think about his past right now. Anyone can feel that he is just looking forward, he just wants to move on in his career anyhow. I would to like to say to his contemporary that just make a distance from him, just try to save themselves from his anger because film industry got a new angry young man as MR RANBIR KAPOOR.