Shatrughan Sinha And Poonam Sinha share Their Filmy Love Story With Kapil Sharma


Hi Guys, how are you?

On The Kapil Sharma Show, Shatrughan Sinha came with his family and shared his love story with wife Poonam Sinha. And needless to say that How Fun Was! needless to say that Kapil Sharma was asking interesting questions. And needless to say that (Apne Bihari Babu) Mr. Shatughan Sinha is very talkative. He was answering all questions in a very dramatic way. Both ( Mr.Shatughan and Mrs Poonam) shared how they met first time on a train from Patna to mumbai. They shared how elder brother Mr. Ram Sinha and Director N.N. Sippy took his proposal to Poonam. In the meantime, Mr. Shotgun was in good form, he was cracking joke also. Mr. Sinh was also known as ladies man. As he said in a Interview, he was happy being a bachelor. Till the last moment, he wanted to back out. Mr. Sinha gives all credit to Poonam. He says that Poonam has been good to me. And Guys, He shared all the beautiful moments with Kapil Sharma. And We just laughed. He says that how Mr. Amitabh Bachchan gave him tips for successful marriage , Mr Bachchan said I Should say “I am sorry” to wife weather she speaks something or she does not speak. Mr Shatrughan Sinha was known in the Industry for his late -latif. Well he grabbed all opportunity that came his way. He reveals that the name of his twin sons has been kept by great actor Mr. Manoj kumar. At last, Kapil and his team gave tribute to Mr. Shatrughan Sinha. That was so beautiful.

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