Virat Kohli Diet @Virat Kohli Diet Plan

October 24, 2018

Virat Kohli has strict Diet Plan. he unerstands his responsibility. Everyone wants to know  Virat Kohli Diet Plan. 



Virat Kohli Diet @Virat Kohli Diet Plan





Guys, Has Virat Kohali health Problem Issues?, if  it is not true why he is saying that he will be able to give few years in cricket. WHY? All fans are disappointed. We all love him so much. He should not have given such statement.


He is Just 29 Years Old


See, he is just 29 years old, he can service this Nation at least 10 years by cricket. I am saying this just because when all time Greatest Batsman, Master Blaster, God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar could play till theage of 39- 40 years WHY NOT Mr. Virat Kohali? I can understand Right now, he has been playing three formats of cricket: Tests, ODIs and T20Is. But friends it is undigested when he says that he has few years left in his career, I am sure he can give more years to Indian cricket.


Doesn’t Virat want to break Sachin’s Record?


Virat knows very well that he can break Sachin’s Record only. In today’s time, no one is able to reach Sachin’s Record but Virat Kohli has power to achieve that milestone. You know fan’s moral have been down just because of his statement. We feel as if he is not interested breaking Sachin’s Record. He is looking for retirement. I don’t know why?


Virat Kohli Lifestyle :

Where he is now just because of his hard work. His hard work shows on the field and off the field both. It is said that there is nobody near him. That’s true. He has given lesson to us that with focus and hard work anything is possible.

       [ But why he is so negative now? ]


Virat Kohli Diet:


  He prefers home-cooked food.


           Breakfast :


 Omelette with three eggs, spinach with black pepper and cheese and green tea with lemon.


       Lunch :

                  He would prefer grilled chicken,       mashed potatoes, spinach and veggies.


     Dinner :


                Seafood, Red meat




               No cold drinks, no desserts Junk food.


Fitness level :


             Gym Session:


             During offseason,  He spends 4 hours in the gym. And in busy time, generally he prefers one and a half hours daily.

It is said that he is one of the fittest cricketers in the world.




So, Mr. Kohli

        You should not say so, it hurts us. You should enjoy your cricket.  We all love you so much. Our best wishes are with you. We just got to know you have achieved new milestone 10000 runs in just 213 ODIs matches. He broke Sachin’s Record.(10000 runs in 259 ODIs Matches) So what’s the problem Great Man?










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